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LDT - Raw Dog Food


We understand there is a wide choice of Raw dog food on the market, for us your dog’s health is our top priority. We have worked alongside an award-winning manufacturer who themselves have affiliations with many canine experts to ensure that not only the best ingredients, but the correct nutritional value is being served to your dog. We consult on all recipes and know first-hand that our food benefits dogs.


Your dogs health is more closely related to food than anything else. You cannot expect a healthy dog if you don’t provide a healthy diet.

We concentrate so much on what we put in our own bodies, understanding why we feel the way we do after certain foods, why certain illnesses or ailments are caused or inflamed due to what we eat, all of this basic information also relates to man’s best friend.

We are starting to become much more diligent on what we feed our dogs from their main meals down to their treats. Understanding the nutritional needs of dogs is developing all the time. No scientific research has actually established that highly-processed commercial dog food is good for dogs. Yes they can survive on it, but they could probably survive on much less too, that does not mean it is healthy and that is the key here, we want healthy dogs, a healthy dog is a happy dog!


Our food contains zero grains or additives,  with 80% chicken meat, bone and offal and 20% fresh vegetables and botanicals. Devoured by dogs and loved by owners. If you want your dog to have healthy skin, cleaner teeth and gums, glossy coat, better digestion and strong bones, our high-quality raw dog food is the only food you need. 




We offer a choice of 4 flavours which include Chicken, Turkey, Duck and Beef with more flavours being introduced very soon! 


Each box comes with eight 1kg tubs of frozen raw food. We offer a mixture of flavours unless specified otherwise.

Our Raw Food comes in 8kg tubs for £35

Beef will incur a £1 per tub


Available from - Lancashire Dog Treats -

Unit 64 Foxhole Road,  Chorley PR71NW


And also available for collection from Toogood Farm Shop in Wrightington.


We do our best to keep a full supply of flavours however some times this is not possible. Please feel free to contact us to check what flavours we have available.